What are the advantages of using WINN Expo Solutions,
Inc. instead of a common carrier or a courier?

Our knowledge and experience of the shipping and exhibition industries as well as our efficiency, commitment, reliable partners and on time service are a few reasons why WINN should be your carrier of choice. Many carriers who do not specialize in the exhibitions industry may not be as knowledgeable with union regulations for targeted move-in and out of show venues. Most show decorators will levy heavy penalties if freight is delivered off target. With WINN, your show cargo will be our main priority for the day and we will do what it takes to make the delivery within the show guidelines.

Does WINN ship for International events?
Yes, we are familiar and continually educating ourselves of the ever changing import laws of foreign countries to insure that your shipment complies with those foreign laws and all necessary paperwork are provided and certified by proper authorities. We work with a reliable network of partners oversea, most of whom are the actual official contractor for the particular events, to insure that your freight meet customs deadlines, clear in time and deliver directly to your stand. Unlike most US shows that are regulated by a union decorator, we coordinate all on-site handling oversea, including the storage and return of empties.

When is a good time to send freight to a show?
For domestic shows, it all depends on how soon you can have your freight ready as well as the size, packaging and the difference in drayage cost between advance warehouse and show site deliveries. For international shows, the shipping deadlines vary depending on
the origin of the freight and mode of transportation, via ocean or air. One of our professionals will assess your freight and the show guidelines before advising you of the best option.

Can WINN handle perishable products?
Yes and we are the recommended US freight forwarder for many recognized food events oversea. We advise exhibitors to give us the opportunity to assist when we have this honorable appointment. On
a few occasions when we are not the official, we might recommend exhibitors to utilize the official forwarder for that particular event
to insure that they take full advantage of tax exemptions on food products and privileges granted solely to the official freight forwarder. We would love to have all your business; however, we feel it is our obligation to advise you of the best solutions in order for your freight to be properly handled.

Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?
We can provide insurance coverage for a minimal fee or you can arrange all-risk coverage by riders to your existing policies. Unless
a higher value is declared and additional insurance is purchased, most carriers’ limit of liability do not cover more than 50 cents
per pound or $50 minimum per piece.

Do you have any packing advice to reduce risk of damage during transit?
Packing materials should be strong enough to sustain possible bumping during transit, weatherproof and be suitable for repacking after the exhibition. Consult with your packing company for different options of packaging such as fiber/metal cases or wooden crates.

We are certain that you may have many other unanswered questions and one of our dedicated professionals is always available to assist. Please give us a call with any questions or for a cost estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.